PCR Testing with Hill Labs

We understand that providing results in the shortest time possible is imperative for our customers - that’s why we have a strong focus on innovation and advancing our services to meet the needs of the food and beverage market. We are constantly evaluating our processes to ensure our value offering is ahead of the game.

2014 - the start of our PCR journey

In 2014, our technologists were tasked with providing a robust, cost appropriate and rapid method for pathogen testing, in light of the discontinuation of the broadly accepted Tecra® ELISA method. In 2015 after extensive research, trials and validations - the Hill Labs in-house PCR methods for Salmonella spp., Listeria spp. & Cronobacter spp. were born and successfully obtained IANZ accreditation. These methods offer screen positive & confirmed negative results next day* from sample drop off - providing our customers with the information to make pivotal decisions for processing and product release in real time.

2023 - the next step

Sustainability is a key driver for most businesses today, and Hill Labs is no different. Our Senior Microbiology Technologists have been hard at work making some improvements to sampling methods that benefit our customers, lab staff and the environment – and we are pleased to say that their hard work has paid off.

Traditionally, when our customers wanted to test for Salmonella spp., Cronobacter spp., & Enterobacteriaceae they were required to take an individual swab for each test, meaning more time spent by our customers taking samples, and three individual swabs going into waste after processing. Our team of experts have successfully validated a method using only one swab to provide all three results for the above tests. This change aids customers by significantly reducing the time spent swabbing by staff and increasing efficiency in workflows at our labs. Importantly, we are also cutting two-thirds of our waste post-testing by adopting this change.

We are pleased to now offer environmental testing for Salmonella spp., Cronobacter spp., Enterobacteriaceae results from one swab instead of three. For more information, please contact our Business Development Manager or our friendly team of Client Service Managers.

*When the sample is received to the lab at a suitable time for processing.

16 Nov 2023

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