Soil Testing

Soil and Organic Certification Tests

Using the latest technology, Hill Labs offers a complete range of soil tests for evaluating fertility and soil health, as well as tests to meet organic certification requirements.

Hill Labs soil testing services allow measurement of the nutrient status of soil for a whole range of land-use purposes. Understanding the soil nutrient status is important regardless of whether you are a large-scale farming or horticultural operator, recreational turf or garden manager, or small lifestyle block owner. Our soil tests enable you to make sound management decisions for sustainable land use. We also have tests that are required to meet organic certification, as well as environmental soil tests to assess potential contamination.

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Agricultural and Horticultural Soil

Agricultural and horticultural soils are tested to measure the soil fertility and soil quality for monitoring fertiliser programmes and to assist with identifying nutrient deficiency or toxicity.


Organic Farming

Like routine farm systems, organically farmed soils are tested to measure the soil quality & nutrient levels and can also be tested for contaminants.


Contaminated Soil

Soil may become contaminated with a wide variety of chemicals, e.g. hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and pesticide residues to name a few.


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Andrew Hutchinson, Technical Manager, Turners & Growers

"We strongly recommend Hill Labs as a sound testing service provider to the honey industry."

Nick Walker, Technical Manager, Egmont Honey

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Mathew Bannister, Compliance Manager, First Fresh New Zealand


As a New Zealand accredited laboratory by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ), Hill Labs' commitment to quality is tantamount to our overall operating philosophy. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work.